Статус: СКАМ

1-2% в день на 15 дней
3-4% в день на 30 дней
5-6% в день на 45 дней

Партнерка: 8-2%

Запуск: 08.02.17 - 11.04.2017 (62 дней)

Минимальный вклад: 5$

Выплаты: инстант



EcoPay: 5 комментария

    1. I use MT4 to trade the bullpips strategy and love it! It’s very simple and highly customizable. Not only that but great for watching the profits coming in! (see &#p2u0;b2ll8ips” online)

    1. Good to know re: FB. I’ve had friends get hacked and send me random messages before, but I ha7;8&#n21vet known anyone whose entire account got taken over! That shiz is crazy.

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